Our nursery is located in the Fouesnant forest, near Quimper in Finistère.

Over a space of several tens of hectares, we plant, cultivate and care for more than 60,000 plants. Hydrangeas, Japanese azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, maples and all kinds of foliage are mixed here to embellish the bouquets. We also supply many florists with plants and foliage.

The origin of plants is more than ever at the heart of our concerns.

Speaking of an exceptional piece, Julien Moulié explains in an article by Alyette Debray-Mauduy for Le Figaro (April 1, 2021):

“We choose her out of love, like a woman. Putting two or three strong pieces in a bare garden or on a city terrace immediately structures the space.
For it to be beautiful, a tree must be worked for five to ten years. Mine are transplanted twice, cut halfway up so as to grow denser, like hair, then their foliage is pruned as they go, for several years. I do not hesitate either to make them suffer, that is to say to put them in pots and to replant them so that their roots are more beautiful ”

We promote the short circuit by growing our own trees and plants.